Profit With Purpose

Running your business while trying to make a difference in the world means finding the right balance—for you—between profit and purpose.

Jonathan and I argue that you must have profits to consider your work a business, but you get to choose where to position yourself on the profit/purpose scale:

Why you need to answer this question: how much profit is enough for you?

How to work your way up the difficulty scale to find clients with bigger, more expensive problems so that you can work less.

The myth behind doing hard work—and how to work less without guilt.

Making an impact with your ideal audience that leaves a memorable footprint (and builds a sustainable business).


“Assuming you’re comfortable with some profit, the question is how much?”—JS

“What’s that expensive problem that’s inside your big idea, your revolution, that you can solve?”—RM

“You can find people who are currently in a situation where they would write a big fat check to someone like you.”—JS

“You’re gradually working your way up the difficulty scale to find clients with bigger problems or more expensive problems so that you can work less.”—RM

“If you only feel okay doing really hard work, then what does that look like in your future? You’re dooming yourself to a life of toil.”—JS

“The key is delivering huge value. You have to keep asking: are you moving the needle on your revolution by doing the work you’re doing?”—RM

“People do stuff all the time that is not in their best interest financially, for other reasons and one of them would be purpose.”—JS

“It’s not just about the money—it’s about impact. It’s about your footprint.”—RM

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