How To Know You’ve Chosen The Best People To Be In Your Corner

“The most important quality in a mentor, teacher or coach is not how much they know. It’s how much they care. 

Care is more than taking pride in your success. It’s feeling joy as you progress.

The people you want in your corner are the ones who celebrate your growth.”—Adam Grant

A client shared this quote with me and I want to share it with you.

Because the way we move forward with the least amount of friction is to surround ourselves with the right people.

Those who’ve already walked the path and will share their wisdom—as well as those walking it right now with you.

You’re probably consistently choosing mentors and coaches who celebrate your success.

But do you make the same kinds of decisions with the rest of your crew?

In The Authority Code, I show you how to build your rat pack (part of your Authority Circle)—the handful of folks roughly in your business space where you share a high level of resonance and trust.

You may not work with them directly, but they are the friends you can rely on to give you their candid opinions (cheerleading or naysaying), suggest ideas for you or just listen and respond when you ask for advice.

But even if you’ve got a coach and/or a mentor as well as a proven rat pack, I’m gonna argue you need still more.

What about the contractors you hire to help you manage or grow your business? Your lawyer, CPA, bookkeeper, VA?

Is every single person on your team taking pride and joy in your success? Are they aligned with taking you where you want to go?

It’s easy to just go with the flow, especially when things are working “fine”. But expecting and ultimately demanding more from your team pays dividends.

I just hired myself a bookkeeping firm (instead of outsourcing tasks to a VA) because they clearly get where I’m going and want to play a role in that.

The experience of hiring them made me decide to make a CPA change. Not because the work wasn’t reliable or the person wasn’t likable, but because I want a partner who is invested in my vision.

If you’re ready to choose the very best people to be in your corner, it’s time to look at each one and decide—can and will they help get you where you most want to go?

And taking the sometimes difficult step of saying “no thank you” to good to reach for great.

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