Nickels and Dimes

One of life’s petty little annoyances is being nickle and dimed.

20% service charge to use a “free” hotel voucher.
$25 to check a bag.
$50 to stand in a shorter line.

So. Why tick off clients with the very same things that irritate you?

Ditch the $.10 copy charges or $1 PDF expenses. Not only are you not making real money here, you have to track and report them and answer pesky (or testy) client questions. Try just rolling your cost for these items into your hourly/daily/flat rates.

Turn the meter off. Doing a little research or providing a smart second opinion on your dime can—sometimes—be a very wise investment. Let your client see how much you value their success.

Experiment with flat fees. You’ve got a pretty good idea of your delivery cost and market rates. And clients love knowing a firm, not-to-exceed amount. Side benefit? It just may force you to work more efficiently.

It’s not rocket science. It’s adjusting your business model for real relationships with real people. People who hate being nickel and dimed.


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