First One Through The Wall

There’s a great line in the ‘Moneyball’ movie: “First one through the wall gets bloody”.

Isn’t that the truth?

In Salem, they hung women who were outspoken or just too darned smart. Called them witches. Fast forward: Today’s smart, outspoken women run companies and nations.

Consider: The American (or French) Revolution. Talking movies. Commercial flights. Martin Luther King. Man on the moon. Mobile phones. The internet. Nelson Mandela. Facebook. iPods. Electric cars. Tablets. Sabermetrics. The Arab Spring.

The first one through the wall paves the way for the rest of us.

So the next time you have a new idea, expect some resistance (no pushback means you’re not trying hard enough). Consider yourself lucky if your idea requires only hard work, dedication and some cash.

Because the really big ideas often require the steepest of prices.

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