Inspiring Apostles For Your Brand

When we talk “apostles” in business, it tends to center on products—like the latest Apple gizmo. When we’re selling services (or art or books), we tend to speak of fans and followers, of going viral.

Apostles are a special category when we’re talking about your personal brand.  They are the very early followers, those who start close and stay close. Who preach your message, not because they get some advantage, but because they believe.

Your business pal who calls her top clients and insists they meet you to hear of your new venture? Apostle.

The guy who not only introduces you to his literary agent, but insists that she review your first book proposal? Yes, apostle.

Comedian Steve Harvey once remarked that he’d never forget the used car salesman that took him in when he had nothing. “Today, I can go to any fine restaurant in America and someone will buy me dinner. But I don’t need that now. When I desperately needed it, he was the only one there for me.” Apostle.

How do you inspire apostles for your brand?

Start by working from the heart. It’s about speaking, writing and acting with clarity and integrity. About becoming a deeply felt, reliable communicator for your brand. About developing deep connections by being authentic to your personality. The apostle who is attracted to who you are is likely to support not only you, but all of your work.

Some apostles are sparked by a great idea: a big, emotionally compelling concept that draws like-minded people to you. Tom’s Shoes “buy one, give one” did exactly that. Hone in on who your big idea serves and exactly how—in emotional terms—it makes their lives better. Touch hearts in ways that matter and apostles will come your way.

Take a good long look at your current tribe. Who are the apostles you can count on? And are you doing the right things to ensure they will stay with your cause?


  • Rochelle,
    Interested as my Gotham professional network calls itself a tribe and we often talk of network members as apostles for each other. Apostles know what you do; often can be great clients and friends; often direct you to great clients. It makes sense to nurture the relationship; I look at apostles a validators; people who often directly of the work you do. You can never thank them enough.

  • Rochelle

    Isn’t that the truth Corey! Thanks for weighing in….

  • Apostles are allies who believe in you no matter what your current situation. “Tribes” is also the term used by Seth Godin to describe a network of like minded people striving to attain goals.

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