If You Had A Billboard What Would It Say?

There’s a stretch of the I-10 leading out from Palm Springs to Los Angeles that has a billboard about every 1,000 feet or so.

For some reason I started noticing that there was a seemingly infinite parade of huge lawyer ads. They all looked the same: various white guys in suits and ties saying they were the lawyer for you.

I started wondering what these billboards cost and how well they converted into paying clients—do people really buy lawyers off interstate billboards?

But then I saw one that read in giant letters: Tired of lawyer billboards? Just call me (with his name and number). No photo. No other copy.

Now I have no idea if that billboard is converting for him, but it definitely set him apart from everyone else. If I was choosing a (generalist) lawyer off that highway, I might have called him.

It’s a good bet he’s savvy—since he or someone he hired figured out how to call attention to himself in a sea of competitors. He’s probably also creative, willing to try non-conventional ideas. And he might even be hyper client-centered, since there was no beauty shot.

Arresting advertising if you’re paying attention on a long stretch of highway, but it was still just another generalist trolling for clients.

I’d place my bet that the best converting billboard of them all is the motorcycle accident lawyer. His giant eagle logo seems calculated to pull in the deep-pocketed Harley crowd (“We ride, we care, we win.”) and it’s at least logical that his target clients might take note while speeding past his sign.

And more importantly, remember his name the next time they have an accident.

The moral of this story: it pays to stand out, but it pays even more to stand out to the exact tribe of people who will hire you or buy your stuff.

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