Guest Highlights From 200 Episodes

It feels a little surreal, but we just released our 200th podcast episode, representing a full four years of collaboration and deep conversation and thinking about the business of authority. And of course, more than a few laughs along the way.

For this special celebration episode, Jonathan and I pulled together some of our favorite clips from guests like Seth Godin, Adam Davidson, Jill Konrath, Paul Jarvis, James Clear, April Dunford, Charles Green, Sarah Peck and Joe Pine on business + authority:

The definition of authority and the challenges in building it.

How to think about and price different products and services based on how they contribute to your overall business model.

The challenges of bringing new ideas to market and developing sustainable habits to keep growing your business.

The role of trust in building authority (and your business).

Why clients value outcomes above all else.



“The McKinsey trap is you’re getting paid X number of dollars at McKinsey, and you realize they’re marking you up for X. So you quit McKinsey and go out on your own and you can’t even get paid a quarter.”—Seth Godin

“I don’t worry so much about the revenue from the books. What I look at is how it supports the other things that I do. I’m being paid to do it (webinars) because I’m an expert in this field. And so I have an entire business model that is set on giving away stuff for free and making good money doing it”—Jill Konrath

“I only want to release things that seem like they can gain traction quickly without putting a ton of work or doing like paid acquisition for them.”—Paul Jarvis

“We do not rise to the level of our goals. 
We fall to the level of our systems.”—James Clear

“You should see how picky I am about taking on a client. It’s crazy…I was just doing the generic thing that all clients look like good clients. But now I do this really specialized thing. And I only take you on if you fit my target perfectly.”—April Dunford

“The I, the last factor in the numerator (of the trust equation) stands for intimacy, which is an interesting and unusual word in the business context, but it goes to…do I feel safe and secure sharing things with you?”—Charles Green

“You have to bring rigor to it (your passion business). You have to bring discipline. You have to work really hard. Honestly, a lot of it can be less easy because when you’re doing something you really care about, it’s going to be maybe even harder than doing a job that someone else told you to do.”—Adam Davidson

“Having a small child, I said, I cannot take any more unpaid work. I have no more time left in my calendar. So I put a call out for sponsors (of my podcast). I asked, four people to sponsor the show, all four said, yes. And that’s the moment when I looked at my husband and I said, so people are paying me money to do a thing.”—Sarah Peck

“It really is the outcomes that people want. That’s the way it is with all transformations. Inputs don’t matter—only outcomes.”—Joe Pine

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