How To Know You Have A Positioning Problem (And What To Do Next)

More than a few consultants think they have a pipeline problem—not enough work lined up consistently—when what they REALLY have is a positioning problem.

Think of positioning as deliberately defining how you’re best at something a specific market (your target clients and buyers) cares a lot about.

So you just might have a positioning problem if:

Prospects tell you they’re talking to two other firms “just like yours”.

You’re consistently getting pushback on your prices (which means clients aren’t seeing your value compared to their other options).

You can’t clearly articulate your ideal client—and no, “any company who needs marketing help” is not a client profile.

You aren’t getting quality referrals from your networks—social media and your professional circles.

You’re getting requests for work that isn’t in your sweet-spot.

Encountering any one of those situations tells me you haven’t positioned yourself tightly enough yet. And until you do, it’s tough to change the outcome.

What to do?

Step 1: You’ve got to be willing to stake your claim on one thing—one message, one client base—and weave it into literally everything you do.

It will set the stage for how—and with whom—you spend your time.

It will influence, over and over again, the right clients, buyers and centers of influence to seek you out.

Your work gets easier, not harder.

Step 2: Start experimenting with niching down to the portion of your client base that most draws you in.

If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at the questions outlined here.

Remember this doesn’t have to be a life sentence: it’s an experiment to test how to find your best people and build the business you’ve always had in mind for yourself.

Step 3: If you get stuck, ask for help.

Can you position your firm yourself? Absolutely—you’ll know when you hit it right because you’ll feel an ease that’s been missing. You’re adding the right clients and know you’re on the right track.

But if you’ve been flailing away for months, years even, trying an array of tactics that never quite jell, it may be time to go for speed and hire yourself a pro.

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