How To Avoid Diluting Your Impact With Your Best Clients + Buyers

A wildly successful consultant (their revenue and happiness are off the charts) said this to me: “Every non-ideal client I take on means I’m diluting my impact on the people I care most about.”


And as you grow your book of business, there inevitably will be a client or buyer—maybe even more than a few—who you wouldn’t touch if the choice were right in front of you today.

Every single one of them takes away from the time you spend in your genius zone. Which means serving them dilutes the impact you can make in the world.

Which is why you want to ask yourself on the regular: does this client or this type of buyer energize and inspire me?

And if the answer is no, start looking for the exit.

Being able to say buh-bye to the clients and buyers that are challenging to serve the way you want is a gift to both of you.

You get to be happier, with more impact and better (for you) clients. And your non-ideal clients get their freedom to pair up with someone who’s a better fit for their situation.

So why does pretty much everyone hesitate when it comes time to show a client or buyer the door?

Because we’re human.

We worry about the hit to our revenue. Or we shy away from conflict (hint: saying goodbye can be done drama free). Maybe we think we should be able to help anyone and so we need to just suck it up.

But all of those pale in comparison to why you need to let your non-ideal clients and buyers go.

If you’re not working with clients who energize and inspire you, growing your business will feel like drudgery.

And you know that‘s not why you started your business.

Instead, spending your days serving your ideal clients and buyers will make working a joy.

Drudgery or joy?

Seems like a pretty clear choice…

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