Am I Stuck At The Right Place To Work With You?

“Am I stuck at the right place to work with you?”

This was the subject line of an introductory email from a consultant who became a client.

Isn’t that just the perfect question to ask those of us who sell expertise?

Because it’s another way to frame your offerings—at what inflection points are you best positioned to help your sweet-spot clients and buyers?

Is it when they have a small annoying problem—or when that thing has turned into the mother-of-all challenges they have to solve right now?

Is it when they’ve just been hired into a cushy new leadership role—or when they realize they’re in a do-or-die situation?

Is it when they’re first contemplating a merger—or after it’s already run amuck?

Is it when sales are growing so fast they can’t keep up—or when they fear they’re circling the drain?

Any one of these scenarios can be the perfect jumping-off point for how you market and sell your expertise (plus a core piece of your authority building: articles, books, speeches, podcasts).

When you’re deciding “who’s it for?” as you market yourself, consider when, where and how your audience gets stuck—and how you pull them out of it.

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