Deciding To Be Notorious

We lost a true icon last week—the Notorious RBG, otherwise known as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

There are already thousands of interesting tributes to her storied life and career, but this will not be one of them.

Instead, this is about making the big and small decisions throughout the course of your career that will lead you to become notorious.

RBG was notorious for not backing down—for fighting for the rights of the oppressed and disadvantaged. Was she perfect at this? No, but she kept trying to do and be better.

And really that’s the moral of this story: what will you choose to be notorious for?

What are you willing to fight to achieve?

What are you willing to risk public criticism for? Who are you willing to take to task when they get in the way of your vision of the world?

When you started your business, you were probably focused on making sure you kept your clients happy and money flowing in.

But once you have that basic framework set, eventually you come to realize that you’re on a mission—and you start dialing into your ideal audience and the transformations you commit to making for and with them.

People and actions that don’t help move the needle on that mission start to fall away from your work life.

You become focused, successful and known in certain circles.

Being known turns into notorious when you consistently marshal tremendous focus, clarity and drive to push your vision of the world forward.

It doesn’t mean being abusive or mean—it means fighting the good fight for what you believe in.

Becoming notorious can be a very good thing.

So when you’re working on your big idea, make sure it’s truly big enough.

Big enough to inspire the like-minded to join you.

Big enough to make you go warrior when you must.

Big enough to make you notorious.

RBG would be proud.

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