Back to Basics For The Holidays?

The holiday season is officially upon us. How will you cut through the holiday clutter to reach your clients?

Electronic holiday card? Tough to be personal or original with that. The delete key awaits you.

List of New Year’s resolutions? Maybe—if you can make it really different. There’s that delete key again.

Client gifts? Only if they are appreciated and memorable—in a GOOD way. No fruitcakes, please.

I propose a simpler solution in this year of “resets”. What if we—consultants, advisors and coaches—simply write a personal note of thanks to those who we appreciate?

Yes, it can be electronic, but it must be genuine and unique to each individual client, referral source, prospect and colleague. What do you think?

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  • Michael Papanek

    I love that idea! One issue for me, is I realize I do not have a proper mailing address for an actual holiday card anyway, so a personal note of "thanks for everything this year and have a good new year" will be perfect.

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