You Don’t Need To Be Anointed

There seems to be an embedded notion in our heads—despite all evidence to the contrary with the digital/passion economy—that we must be anointed by some giant name to be successful.

Sure it’s heady stuff if your idols know you exist and the big kahunas in your space give you a shout-out now and then.

But here’s the thing: you’re not going to make it or break it on one recommendation or one relationship.

The basket to place your eggs in is your own.

Build your own ideas with a distinct point of view.

Publish (writing, podcasting, videos) your take on what matters most to your ideal audience.

Take some risks to put your “stuff” out for your world to see—in your voice, your style for your best audience.

Share the transformations you’re making with the people who most need to learn about them.

Do the daily spade work of connecting with them, engaging with them as fellow humans on their way to your shared vision for the future.

In other words, anoint yourself.

No more burning daylight waiting for someone else to decide your voice is worthy.

The time to speak up is now…

p.s. For the soundtrack version, try listening to the first 40 minutes or so of “A Star is Born” (Lady Gaga version).

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