Why Your Stuff Isn’t Selling

When your stuff isn’t selling, it’s frustrating. So how do you figure out what needs to change?

Jonathan and I dig into four reasons why your services and/or products might not be selling like they could be (and how to fix them):

You’re not on the radar of your ideal clients, so you’re not making their short list.

Your ideal buyers are aware of you, but don’t recognize your offerings as a solution to their problem.

Your buyers recognize that you offer a potential solution to their problem, but they don’t find your claims credible—they don’t trust you (yet).

Your ideal people trust your solution to their potential problem, but your solution costs more than it’s worth to them to solve it.


“A market is a place—virtual or otherwise—where buyers and sellers regularly show up to transact, to trade goods and services.”—JS

“If there is commerce, there’s the opportunity to make a profit.”—RM

“It’s very common that the buyers will not recognize that the inputs that you are selling are solutions to the pains they’re experiencing.”—JS

“If nobody knows you exist, there is no surprise that your stuff isn’t selling.”—RM

“You put a big label on the front of your bottle that says fast migraine relief…and you’ve still got the small print on the back with all the ingredients.”—JS

“A feature is not a solution.”—RM

“Find people who have a bigger version of the same problem, which probably looks like a larger buyer.”—JS

“Wanting to work in your genius zone…might cause you to change your niche market vs. changing your offerings.”—RM

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