Why You Might Want To Push “That Vision Thing” To The Front Of The Line

As you head into summer, “that vision thing” may not be top of mind.

But maybe it should.

Especially if you’re not on a path that is delivering clear, consistent results toward a future you’re excited about.

Your vision is about the fundamental way you want to shift the world you live in.

A lot of times when I ask a consultant about their vision, they stumble around and say something like this:

“Well, when I started the business, I imagined I’d spend all my time serving fabulous clients at premium rates, but the reality is the opposite.

I’m running on a hamster wheel trying to keep up—when I have enough work, I worry about getting it done and when I don’t, I’m scurrying to get new clients.“

Does that sound like a vision to you? No, not to me either—at least not one I’d get excited about.

One financial planner said this when I asked him the very same question:

“Every day I help families improve their relationship with money. But what I’ve come to realize is that when you help one family change, it doesn’t just help their immediate family. It transforms every single generation that comes after.

I want to find a way to reach many more families that can’t afford to hire me personally, so they and their children and their grandchildren can live happier, easier lives.”

Don’t you love that?

The raw emotion—the power of his vision for his people—comes through loud and clear.

And it is this vision that drives him every single day as he grows his practice, builds his authority and serves clients.

That’s because the right vision will not only energize and inspire you—it will draw in the like-minded by giving them a reason to connect and engage with you.

Of course, you’ll want to add a few more internal specifics to your overall vision for your business: how you’ll work (I’m voting for smack dab in your genius zone) and how much you’ll work (so you create enough free time and flexibility for yourself).

That will help you decide which services and products—at which price points—will best deliver your transformations while you enjoy your life.

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