Why You Might Want To Fire Yourself From Work Outside Your Genius Zone

Can we agree that you have a genius zone?

The work where you fall into flow—where you lose track of time as you tap into your unique talents and passions.

Maybe yours is 1-1 coaching with execs or consulting with teams or writing content.

It’s probably not developing your website or writing contracts or producing your podcast. And I’m pretty sure if you’re not a CPA that it isn’t bookkeeping or doing your taxes.

So why do so many soloists resist handing off the stuff we really don’t want to do?

Sometimes, it’s a control thing (full disclosure: been guilty of this myself a few times). You can do it better and faster than someone you will have to teach and then track.

Other times it just feels overwhelming to conduct a search for exactly the right person or firm to take something off your plate. Because you also know that when you find them it will take a while to get your new arrangement running smoothly. So there’s that.

Or it’s something like: “Oh but my clients expect me to __________.” (fill in the blank with whatever tasks you think are required but don’t enjoy.)

None of these worries is insurmountable—in fact I’ll argue that they’re often easily tackled once you’ve decided that spending more time in your genius zone is worth the temporary hassle.

It helps to focus on the outcomes:

More joy in the work you do because you’ve swept out the bits that sucked it dry.

Freeing up time from the mundane—or truly dreadful—to focus on growing your business: finding better clients, writing a book, starting a podcast, developing new programs.

More quality thinking time—or the flexibility to spend it on the non-work chunks of your life.

Just know this: sometimes we focus on non-genius zone activities because it feels safe—like the devil we know.

But until you break out of business-as-usual, you’ll never know what “miracles” you’re truly capable of achieving…

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