Why You Don’t Want To White-Knuckle Your Next Big Move

You’re ready to make a big leap forward.

Maybe you’re re-positioning your expertise for a new market, writing your first book or designing a new on-line course.

You can do it confidently, with thoughtful purpose.

Or you can go at it with white knuckles, letting your fear lead you.

I’m not saying you won’t have those “What was I thinking to imagine I could do this?” moments of sheer terror echoing in your brain.

But if you allow that voice to take over, you’ll talk yourself right out of doing anything.

You’ll become your biggest obstacle.

Like the consultant who decided it was time to re-position his expertise to a tighter niche market.

He’d had a semi-reliable stream of leads for his 6-figure corporate consulting projects, but had started to see signs of a shift to commodity pricing by his Fortune 500 base.

And while he did the strategic work to define a new niche, he couldn’t bring himself to execute.

It wasn’t until COVID made him lose several big projects in succession (and tank his revenue for the year) that he finally let go of his resistance and made some big changes.

And—you guessed it—wished he’d made those moves much sooner, especially since he was smart enough to see that his world was changing.

Don’t let this be you.

White-knuckling your next big move—especially when it brings you closer to the dream you have for yourself—is no way to live.

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