Why It’s Worth Giving Your Website Visitors The Full Experience

It’s easy to say no to video on your website.

Your brain gets stuck in an endless loop: What will I say? How will I get it produced? Can it wait till I shuck off the COVID weight?

But here’s the truth: the more you give your website visitors the full experience of you, the more likely they are to quickly make the right decision.

To either turn tail immediately because you’re clearly not a good fit (saving you both time), or to confidently reach out, excited that they may have met their match.

Imagine yourself in their shoes. They’ve looked at a bunch of websites, maybe asked for a few referrals. And they’ve landed on your site.

Asking for help means being vulnerable with a stranger. Can they trust you with their problem?

Video—simple, no frills, speaking to camera, right to your potential clients and buyers—cuts right to the heart of their decision.

They will feel you in a way no other medium quite delivers.

Video gives them a quick litmus test on whether they believe they can trust you to help.

Because even though we think it’s all about our intellect, people ultimately buy based on how we make them feel.

Which is why a minute or two on video gives your audience an ideal chance to decide if you’re for them.

And delivers even more happily qualified prospects into your in-box.

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