Why Asking This Trade-Off Question Will Make You Think

You’ve got a robust business with a life to match.

And yet something is still calling to you, a deep desire to do, be or have something dear to you.

Like publishing a game-changing book, becoming a fully-present parent or doubling down on your genius (while hitting a dream revenue goal).

You’re not going to magically create more than 24 hours in the day. Instead, you need to ask yourself just one question:

What trade-off(s) am I willing to make so I can go big on ___________?

Are you willing to say no to a great new client this year so you can give yourself over to your book project?

Are you willing to close your laptop at 3 to pick up the kids and participate in their activities?

Are you willing to say “no thank you” when presented with work that isn’t pushing you forward?

There will always be trade-offs. None of us can do, be and have everything.

So let’s make our choices intentional.

What matters so much to you that you’re ready to make some trade-offs, especially when they’re hard?

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