Why Adjusting Your Mental Model Of What Is Achievable Is A Worthy Goal

As we barrel along to a brand-spanking new year, I’m asking you to take a look at the mental model of what you believe is achievable in your soloist business.

Chances are you’ve already set yourself some (hopefully inspiring) goals.

You’re focused on getting better clients or this is the year you start leveraging into courses or finally writing that book that’s been simmering.

Or maybe you’re happy with your business model, but ready to boldly raise your prices to reflect the value you keep delivering.

It’s not just changing the obvious—like your website copy and your sales conversations—that will bring these things closer.

Sometimes you need to adjust your mental model for success (kinda like when Roger Bannister finally broke the “unbreakable” 4-minute mile, other runners started besting his time on the regular).

Say you’ve been serving clients 1-1 and you’re booked solid, making a healthy six-figure income.

But you want to work less without taking a revenue hit (and making more sounds even better).

At the same time, there may be a part of you that believes you can’t possibly make the same income—much less more—if you work fewer hours.

And until you suspend or banish that belief it will probably keep ringing true.

Instead, take one firm step toward building the mental muscle that believes the transformations you’re delivering are more valuable than what you’re charging: raise your price with your next new client.

One mastermind member doubled their price recently for a productized service—and sold the work. Then did it again. Two projects with tens of thousands more revenue flowing directly to their bottom line. Without a single hour of extra labor.

Their new mental model of what is possible financially from that product just doubled. And I’d be willing to bet at some point in the not-too-distant future, it will double again.

Because once you ask for—and get—what once felt impossible, your next thought will be ‘I should have charged more!’.

That’s the power of your mental model.

But you don’t break through by just repeating mantras, telling yourself you’re worthy.

You have to take action: be brave and try one thing. And then another.

Adjusting your mental model gets yourself into the habit of going after what you want like the last bus of the night.

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