When It’s Time To Un-Stick Yourself

There are good ruts—and there are bad ruts. And sometimes we just need to un-stick ourselves from business-as-usual and do something different. Maybe a small something or perhaps a very big something…

Jonathan and I explore how to keep it fresh while making sure you’re getting the right things done:

Getting yourself the endorphin rush from physically getting up and going outside or meeting a friend.

How to keep pushing the envelope even as you’re doing the routine things that make your business run.

Why that feeling of putting your “baby” out there can feel crazy-scary—and how to do it anyway.

How to tell the difference between when you’re laying groundwork for your next thing or just burning daylight.


“It was so much fun…I noticed that I felt like this total endorphin rush, I was in the best mood.”—JS

“I’ve so trained myself into this virtual be efficient work from zoom/have phone conversations mode that it was almost like upsetting the apple cart to go to an in-person meeting.”—RM

“It’s not too bad to have an idea and then, like roughly a quarter later, launch it.”—JS

“It doesn’t mean that we don’t double down on the things we’re good at, but we just keep pushing that envelope on some level.”—RM

“Talk to people like: ‘Hey, I’ve got three ideas for my next workshop I’m going to launch. Which one seems the most exciting to you?’”—JS

“I’m waiting for somebody to write and go ‘Yeah, this is a stupid idea. And I don’t ever want to hear from you again.’”—RM

“If you can introduce really smart, fun people into the process (of getting outside), that sounds like a really good routine to get into.”—JS

“There’s always going to be those periods (of laying groundwork), but the ideal is that they’re moving you towards something else, even if you’re pulling your hair out while you’re going through them.”—RM

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