What If You’re Giving Your Mindset Blocks Too Much Power?

I’ve been binging on a fascinating series of money mindset books. I’m not even gonna bore you with the titles, cause some of them were downright woo-woo.

And yet…

They all point to one inescapable fact: that until your mental model of what you can achieve aligns with where you want to go, your actions will remain, shall we say, uninspired.

It’s the difference between playing lead guitar on a big stage and busking for quarters from folks just trying to get to the pub behind you.

We all have mental blocks on what we believe is achievable for us:

I can’t write a book.

I’m not ready to speak on a big stage.

Who will listen to me host a podcast?

Or maybe that voice in your head is spouting something even more basic: I’m too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too experienced, not experienced enough, yada, yada, yada.

Our brains are full of this kind of crap. (We’re far crueler to ourselves than we would EVER consider being with a fellow human.)

So we get busy being—and doing—small, because it feels safer:

We try a dozen scattershot tactics that inch us forward instead of a clear strategy that launches us firmly on the path we most desire.

We ignore that voice that says go big and instead play small ball, doing more of what has failed to move the needle.

We sit on that simmering idea until someone not nearly as right picks it up and runs with it (and then we beat ourselves up for not acting sooner).

Safe does not equal great.

The thing is, even smart, talented, looks-like-they-got-it-all-together folks sometimes hit a mindset block. They get past it by working at it, like exercising a muscle.

The more you exercise your mindset, the stronger it gets. And the more you believe is possible for you, the more concrete actions you’ll take to get there.

BTW—if you’ve hit a plateau or set point in your business, working on those mental blocks might just be the ticket to blasting past them…

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