What Happens When Your Ideal Clients Feel Like You’re Crawling Inside Their Heads (In A Good Way)

When you get in the habit of channeling your ideal client’s thoughts in your marketing, you start hearing things like:

“I felt like you were reading my mind.”

“Another right on time email—I don’t know how you do it.”

“I read your piece and was thinking check, check, check.”

The more you niche into your ideal client profile, the easier it gets to crawl inside their heads and tackle exactly what’s bothering them—in their words.

Look at it from your client’s vantage point: Imagine tripping over a website and seeing exactly what you’ve been thinking—the challenges and fears and dreams rattling around in your head.

It’s kind of eerie, but it immediately hits you that you’re on the same wavelength.

So you start paying attention.

Maybe you click a link and buy their book or some other low-priced product.

Or maybe you just let them send you a few emails.

And you start to believe.

Because how they speak to you is so natural, so part of your worldview, that you almost can’t stop yourself from bonding.

You’re connected and they’re actively building trust with you.

You start to see them as someone who can help you solve a big problem, who knows what it takes to get the results you crave.

So you open their emails first. Maybe you save them to refer back to later.

The more that trust builds, the more value they give you, the more heroic they seem.

They occupy a place of honor in your “Hall of Fame”.

Which means you are more likely to hire them or buy their stuff.

But back to your business: How can you create content and marketing where your ideal clients and buyers feel heard and seen?

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