What Fuels You?

Life—and work—runs better with high octane fuel. The inevitable bumps in the road—frustrations with clients, partners and situations—are smoother when you’re burning the high octane stuff.

Need a better fuel source? Generate your own supply by connecting the deep purpose in your work with what you do every day. It goes beyond revenue and productivity goals. Dig deep to what really matters most to you as you build your business. Consider 3 success stories:

  • Dad with a mission: A consultant and new dad is exquisitely clear on his motivation—building a bigger, better life for his family. It gets him through some long days and reminds him to take time out to play, laugh and connect.

  • Career-changer: An advisor spends her career helping others transition to new work—and loses her job to the economy. She uses the fuel she generates from creating “ah ha” moments for clients to start and sustain her own firm.

  • Social entrepreneur: A consultant contemplates her values and starts a company to protect children. Drop-kicking industry expectations, she creates an integrated work and home life that feeds her to do more.

What fuels you?



  • Carleen MacKay

    Proving that we can be resourceful, creative and impactful throughout all the years of our lives…while having a lot of fun doing something that matters to our country now and for generations to come.

  • Rochelle Moulton

    Perfect example Carleen!

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