There Can Be Magic In Consistency

One of the least sexy words when it comes to branding and marketing has got to be consistency.

It sounds far more like drudgery—the day in and day out routines that we figured we sidestepped by building our own businesses.

And yet, it can mean pure magic once you’ve landed on the execution formula that works.

Take two consultants—Consultant A and Consultant B.

They are alike in many ways—each serves a B2B audience and is well positioned in a niche that gives them plenty of white space.

They’re both in the earlier stages of building their email lists and social media followings and work about the same amount every week.

Six months after switching up their positioning, Consultant A has closed on a handful of new clients, is building a solid base of future clients and receiving invitations to participate on other platforms (guest articles, interviews).

Consultant B also welcomed a handful of new clients, but their email list is growing much more slowly and they’ve yet to receive any invitations to guest post or interview.

The difference?

Consultant A is consistent almost to a fault. They spend about the same amount of time each week producing content for their email list, interacting on social media and reaching out to new potential alliance partners.

It doesn’t matter if their week gets busy with client work because they’ve consistently carved out the time to build what they need to keep their own business running.

And when they see a possible roadblock coming, they plan ahead, producing content in advance to give them breathing room.

Consultant B is no slouch—they are smart and motivated and committed to their work. They just haven’t quite committed to the consistency that is the hallmark of building an authority business.

Sometimes, that’s intentional. If you’re an entrepreneurial type, you may thrive on dealing with the crazy-urgent—client emergencies, project deadlines, a last-minute media request.

You might even take great pride in your ability to manage amidst chaos (it could even be a part of your personal genius and embedded in your brand).

That’s all good if you want to grow your practice in fits and starts—giant leaps upward, falls from steep cliffs, journeys to nowhere.

But if you’re frustrated with your growth—and you’re certain your positioning is correct—you might want to evaluate how consistently you’re working ON your business.

Consultant B finally got on the consistency train and turned their results around in a few months.

Magic bullet? It sure is when the tasks they’re consistently executing are part of an aligned brand and marketing plan.

It is no accident that advisors who work on their business strategically AND consistently keep outperforming those who don’t.

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