Whose Authority Will You Choose To Believe?

  • Category: ContentTribe Building

Watching the media during the coronavirus pandemic is a petri dish for studying authority.

Whose authority will you choose to believe? And what makes you tune in to one source but ignore another?

Are you getting your updates from scientific publications, The New York Times daily summary or scanning your Twitter home feed?

Now, think about this through the lens of YOUR authority and building YOUR ideal audience and tribe.

Are you aiming for the rocket scientists in your niche or those more focused on your authority’s practical applications? Do you want to reach folks with a deep, maybe even wonky interest in your subject or those just getting started?

Because here’s the thing: your job isn’t to be an authority for all.

It’s to get hyper-specific on who you want to reach and then double down on sharing your expertise so your tribe can—and will—listen to you, learn to trust you and ultimately believe you.