What Should You Leave Behind In 2019?

  • Category: Running Your Business

We’re sitting right on the cusp of a brand spanking new decade.

Which just begs for new beginnings.

Not New Year’s resolutions, but a firm declaration for this next decade of your life and your business.

What’s it gonna be for your 2020’s?

And every bit as importantly, what will you leave behind in 2019 because it just isn’t worthy of your next decade?

I ask because it’s a little too easy to declare a grand vision—one that requires major transformations in you, your business or both—without challenging some of the underpinnings that don’t support where you’re going.

Like deciding to add a podcast to your repertoire but not letting something else go to give you enough time to do it right.

Or building out a new service line without saying good-bye to that client profile you know is a bad fit.

Committing to something new—most especially when it’s bold and exciting—requires extra time and energy you can pour into it.

Which means you need the ”systems” in place to give you more time and keep replenishing that energy.

Like the optimal team to support you—from your right hand VA to a proactive coach to your allies. Is everyone on the team pulling their weight? If not, you may need to part company right now so you can swap them for better fits.

And don’t underestimate the power of your mindset—to accomplish big things, you have to believe that you can. Self-limiting beliefs can’t come with you into this new decade if you want to forge virgin territory.

Habits can fuel you forward or sabotage your best intentions. What habits are getting in the way of your vision and need to be rewired?

I get this is challenging (my daily gym and writing routines took awhile to stick). But once you replace unsupportive routines with better ones—experts say it takes up to 90 days—your brain is now hardwired for your new reality.

And let’s face it, 90 days in the course of a decade is the blink of an eye…

If you need a more scientific reason to go big now, take a look at Dan Pink’s research in When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. He’d say the beginning of a new decade is perfect for starting something new.

Which brings us to back to the core question before you close out this year: What’s it gonna be for your 2020’s—and what do you need to leave behind to get there?