Do You Need A Team As A Soloist?

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I’m gonna argue that building authority—even as a solo—takes a village.

A small village, but a village nonetheless.

Here are some of the people you need on your team:

A right hand (or six). We all need some key people for advice and execution: a coach, VA, attorney, web developer, CPA, designer, media (social and PR), editor, publisher, etc. You‘re looking for long-term good fits with domain experts who care deeply about your success.

A cheerleader. This could be your partner, spouse or the friend that always has your back. They may not know your business intimately, but they know your best qualities, what can get you into trouble and your inherent worth as a pro.

A goad. Maybe a paid coach to accelerate your progress, maybe a friend who is wired and willing to help nudge you back when you start running off the rails.

A few sages. This includes all the someones you learn from afar or right up close and personal. The blogs you read, the podcasts that teach you, the books that challenge you.

Your brand neighborhood. The people (and companies) you admire who inspire you to do your very best work. You might channel their energy into how you approach a sticky issue, e.g. What would Seth Godin do?

We’re only as good as the support network we build.