The Role Of Apostles In Building Authority

  • Category: Tribe Building

Apostles occupy a special category within your circle.

They’ve not only signed on to your belief system—the transformation you want to make in the world—but they preach your message.

They believe.

Your business pal who calls her top clients and insists they meet you to learn about your new venture? Apostle.

The guy who not only introduces you to his literary agent, but insists that she review your first book proposal? Apostle.

Here’s the thing: nothing conveys authority as fast as your fellow believers publicly and vocally sharing their belief in you and your ideas.

The right apostles can amplify your authority—sometimes even multiply it many times over when the stars are aligned.

You can’t really ask for apostles, but you can create the conditions to inspire them to act.

Like speaking, writing and acting with clarity and integrity.

Like becoming a deeply felt, reliable communicator for your brand.

Like developing deep connections by being authentic to your belief system and your personality.

Touch hearts in ways that matter and apostles will seek you out.

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