The Danger Of Being A Multi-Hyphenate

  • Category: Brand + Branding

It’s almost impossible to tout yourself as an authority—or even a respected expert—on one thing while simultaneously pitching your creds on others.

The executive coach whose LinkedIn headline reads: Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Business Futurist isn’t getting any bites.

Because his audience of experts who vet Fortune 500 executive coaches doesn’t buy hyped-up headlines.

The multi-hyphenate subtracts gravitas rather than adding it.

Instead, you want to distill your essence down to one focal descriptor.

Lead with WHY you’re worthy of being hired to solve the big bold problems your clients pay you the big bucks for.

That allows you to tell the war stories your sweet-spot clients need to hear to know that you’re the real deal.

THEN you can build in the rest of your talents and passions and quirks that endear you to your very best clients and buyers.