Stop Sucking The Personality Out Of Your Marketing

  • Category: Marketing

Where is it written that “professionals” can’t show a little personality?

That we can’t be smart and quirky and memorable…

Truth is, these days personality—a genuine, authentic reflection of your brand—is REQUIRED to draw your people in and keep them bonded with you.

But quirky just to be quirky isn’t the point.

You can’t suddenly shave your head and wear cool colored glasses and BAM! you’re the next Seth Godin.

It’s about showing up with the stories, actions and visuals that uniquely express who you are and what you deliver (for a deeper dive on this, here’s a link to our The Business of Authority podcast episode on this).

Luckily, there is no one else in your space exactly like you, so you’ve got plenty of maneuvering room.

Like author/thinker Derek Sivers. His ideas always feel fresh and that’s probably because he seems to work from his genius zone (deep thinking, copious writing and minimal surroundings).

Before agreeing to a podcast interview, he requests questions in advance so he can think about them—he calls it slow thinking. Of course the so-worth-it side effect is that he can quickly identify who is worth his time, which may be another reason his recordings are so consistently eye-opening.

His approach works because it reflects how he’s wired—he’s simply presenting an authentic face to the world.

Personality in marketing has to be authentic, especially when you’re in the professional services space where trust is sacred.

Here’s a sampling of some of the personality consultants and advisors have displayed with great success:

A financial guy who is a ranked poker player (no he doesn’t manage assets).

A market researcher with an almost eerie recall of national baseball statistics (multiple teams, multiple players).

A tax consultant who can pull a movie scene from memory to describe literally any client situation.

A PR wiz who includes her rescue dogs in her marketing (one has his own Instagram page).

None of those are “out there” (although moving further out on the curve can be exactly the right move sometimes). They’re simple, truthful and a significant part of their lives.

So the next time you get the urge to tamp down your personality, resist.

You’re an original—and proving it to your ideal audience makes us want you even more.