Placing Your Bets Where The Odds Are High

  • Category: Tribe Building

When you’re building an authority business, it only makes sense to place your bets where the odds are in your favor.

Which means tapping into the various real and virtual tribes who are most likely to agree with your worldview.

Let’s say you’re an expert on building high-performing tech sales teams.

And a core part of your belief system is that the best sales teams build trust with their buyers and concentrate on the long-term relationship more than the sale.

You highly value those who think long-term.

Which means you’ll avoid sites, “gurus” and social groups that regularly promote growth-hacking, relationship shortcuts or sales tricks du jour.

Or that focus on low ticket, high volume selling.

They are not your people. It’s like hitting up a country line dancing bar looking for a tango partner.

Build your authority where the odds are in your favor.