It’s OK To Mess Up If Your Heart’s In The Right Place

  • Category: Authority MindsetRunning Your Business

In the current situation, most people—even your favorite TV talking heads—are struggling to make things work without access to their usual support systems.

As we keep moving forward, we will make the inevitable mistakes or systems will fail us.

Like when zoom cut out on me this week, several times smack dab in the middle of recording our podcast with a guest. Luckily he (the guest) was gracious and my co-host Jonathan smoothly stepped in whenever I went off-line.

Embarrassing? Definitely. But it won’t make me stop using zoom or inviting guests on the show or taking bigger “risks”.

Because none of us can let a few glitches and red-faced moments stop us from continuing to help our tribes.

Of course, our hearts need to be in the right place—coming from a genuine desire to serve our audiences (unlike this cautionary tale).

I guarantee if you approach this with the right attitude, no one will remember your mistakes.

They’ll remember that you cared enough to keep moving through chaos.