Finding Your Place In Multiple Communities

  • Category: Positioning

You spend countless hours figuring out who you want in your tribe and then many more honing your message to engage the right people in moving the mission forward.

You’re never really done—it’s an ongoing thing—but at some point, you’re clear on what you need to do strategically and you can focus on tactical execution.

But your tribe isn’t your only community. You’re actually in multiple work/life communities—the press the flesh kind and your virtual circles.

It pays to thoughtfully consider your role in each of them as it applies to your mission, your authority and your business.

If you’re in a local networking group for example, you’re probably clear this is about building connections, making introductions and hopefully receiving some back as you build trust and market authority. You know your job in that community.

But let’s say you attend an event hosted by your city’s art museum. As you mix and mingle with other art lovers, are you thinking about your mission or just hanging out with friends? Can you—do you want to—do both?

Or you attend a conference—virtual or otherwise—given by a potential alliance partner. How do you want to position yourself in their community?

Yes, you have an overall positioning strategy for you/your business. But every time you interact with a new community, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes getting exquisitely clear on what you’re doing there, how you want to contribute and what you hope to build by participating.

Walking into meetings and events with a clear-eyed view of where you want to go will help you get there faster and with more confidence.