Avoiding Premature Satisfaction

  • Category: Authority Mindset

Success—like authority—comes from the doing, not the having.

There is no sitting on our past wins as though on top of the mountain looking down—at least not for long. We have to be in the game, constantly contributing, learning, moving forward or we—eventually—lose our claim to authority.

It’s a bit like when Elizabeth Gilbert tried to figure out what comes after “Eat Pray Love.” Knowing she would likely never have as phenomenal a success was pretty daunting.

But. She. Kept. Writing. And now she can rightly claim “best selling author” status and not just for something she created almost 15 years ago. She stayed relevant, contributing her ideas and building both success and authority.

Here’s the thing: authority building never really ends. You may pivot to new topics or new ideas, but you stay in the game until you’re ready to hang up your cleats permanently.

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