Are They Feeling What You’re Feeling?

  • Category: ContentTribe Building

Emotion sells. Marketers since Mad Men know that people buy based on how you make them feel.

Experts don’t always buy into that idea—we tend to spend years being rewarded for our smarts and ignoring the role of emotion.

But if what you really want is to get your ideal audience to engage more deeply in your “stuff”, you’ve got to trigger their feelings.

Especially the arousing emotions like awe, fear, excitement, longing, even anger.

Because when they’re aroused, they’re much more likely to take action—to share your article or email or podcast episode with their tribe.

It’s what makes videos go viral, podcasts make the charts and books fly out the door. And, it leads clients to your doorstep.

I’m not suggesting you start manipulating emotions in your quest for market authority, just that you think about the feeling behind your output.

Before you hit SEND, ask yourself: am I making them feel what I feel?