Your Summer 20

You know the Pareto Principle that says you get 80% of the result from 20% of your actions?

Well, Jonathan and I want to help you dig into your 20% so you can step away from your laptop and go have some fun this summer:

When doing more isn’t the right move—and how it can actually prove counter-productive.

How to apply 20% thinking to your business growth moves.

Using consistency in making outbound development calls (to prospects, media and your Authority Circle) to avoid the desperation zone.

Becoming aware of where you’re getting your dopamine hits—and managing them.

Why strategy trumps all (and what to do if you don’t have one).


“You’ve done your 20% for the day that produces 80% of the result. So why are you sitting in front of your computer, fiddling with a hundred things that don’t need to be done?”—RM

“Watering your garden in the summer twice a day is a good thing. So watering it 20 times a day is even better, right?…it’s worse than counterproductive—it’ll actually wreck what you’re doing.”—

“The easiest way to get frustrated is to do more outbound sales calls when you don’t have enough work…that translates into a little bit of desperation.”—RM

“I care what those people (in my slack community) think much more than I care what some anonymous coward on Twitter thinks.”—JS

“I try to be very careful of where I’m getting my dopamine hits.”—RM

“You can slowly—not overnight probably—but you can make it so that client stuff is not 40 hours a week of billing hourly.”—JS

“There’s a signal that consistency gives—it doesn’t mean that it has to be every Monday at 8:00 AM—but there is some expectation that you’re going to show up…on a regular basis. It’s how we build trust.”—RM

“I think some people put a level of effort into social media that probably doesn’t produce much.”—JS

“The prescription, if you don’t have a strategy, is to get one right now.”—RM


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