Your Implied Promise

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Your Implied Promise

What’s your implied promise to your market niche, your audience, your clients and buyers?

Jonathan and I field a listener question from our Seth Godin episode on exactly what your client is paying for.

Listen in as we address the often less tangible aspects of selling expertise: value-adds, how your brand is linked to trust, the implied promises you’re making and the value of consistency in growing your business (and reputation).


“The premium piece, the over and above part of the fee, is the part that they’re not paying for the advice. They’re paying for something else.” –JS

“Trust is really key here, because that’s what brand really does—it’s building trust.” –RM

“Standing apart from the crowd—there needs to be something different about you.” –JS

“Everything you do—your actions, your stories, your visuals—should align with this implied promise you’ve made to your market.” –RM