Writing A Kick-Ass Bio

You’ve probably got at least a half-dozen bios (or maybe wish that’s ALL you had): your website ABOUT page, article bios/bylines, industry association profiles, speaking bio, media bio, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even your email signature…

What constitutes a truly kick-ass bio? How far should you go in adding personality and sizzle to yours? And the big question: first person or third?

Jonathan and I dig down into what makes your bio(s) compelling and irresistible to the right audience.


Your Bio Needs A Makeover If…

When Your Bio Needs A Makeover


– “Write your bio like you talk.”— JS

– “When you talk in the first person, you have to own every single thing you say.”—RM

– “First person is not only good because it helps you relate to people more quickly, but it also forces you to be authentic.”—RM

– “You can’t beat on your chest saying how wonderful you are, you have to lead them to it with breadcrumbs.”—RM

– “You can experiment with email signatures easily—you can change it depending on who you’re sending it to and no one else can really see it.”—JS

– “Another great place to experiment is an in-person networking event where you can just tweak the language to see what clicks with people.”—JS

– “Your bio is the connective tissue to your audience.”—RM

– “Getting your headline really punchy is worth putting some effort into.”—JS


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