Why Specialists Rule

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Our taking off point this week is my rather frustrating experience comparing designers for a project.

We use that story to dive back into the advantages of specializing (and share two diverse opinions about the wisdom of sharing your portfolio on your site).

Jonathan and I also tackle how to charge more by claiming your impossible-to-copy niche and when saying “no” is the right thing to do.


“When you don’t market to someone in particular, you’re marketing to everyone, and when you’re marketing to everyone you’re not marketing to anyone.” –JS

“If I knew that I could get high-quality vision and feedback, I would spend a lot more.” –RM

“You don’t really want options. You just want exactly what you want.” –JS

“The fact that you have your own special sauce is fabulous. You’ve got to own that. You don’t want to look like anybody else, much less everybody else.” –RM

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