What’s The Best Home For Your Content?

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You spend a ton of time developing your content—blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos and more. Where should all these elements live?

Jonathan and I are both advocates for being in control of your content—because platforms that can help you build an audience can also take you down (I’m talking about you Facebook).

Listen in as we discuss strategies and tactics to leverage your content, break through gatekeepers and share audiences while also hedging your bets.


“Google being between me and the people I want to help – I don’t like it.” –JS

“You do have to have control, at the end of the day, of your content.” –RM

“If I’m going to be chipping away at something every day, you’d better believe I want those chips to fall in my basket, not someone else’s basket.” –JS

“Own your content. Let it live with you.” –RM