The Trusted Advisor with Charles Green

There are books you read and quickly forget and then there are those that change you, that make you see things differently. The Trusted Advisor was one of those books for me (I tell a small story about that in the podcast).

Charles Green, along with David Maister and Robert Galford, wrote THE seminal book on building trusted relationships with clients. One cue that I’m not alone? In the almost 20 years since it was published, it’s still high on Amazon’s list of best-selling books. And not just business books, ALL books.

Listen in as Jonathan and I pick Charlie’s brain on why we need to become trusted, the best ways to build trust and what’s changed with digital and social media. We also left time at the end to explore the role of this book in his business model and the evolution of his product and service mix.


“A trusted advisor is someone you feel comfortable telling your innermost as well as your outermost thoughts.” –CG

“The truth is trust doesn’t just aggregate naturally over time. It accrues in little step functions, moments when you say the right thing and somebody opens up to you.” –CG

“If you aspire to be a trusted advisor to your clients, the wrong strategy would be sitting around aggressively waiting for the phone to ring.” –CG

“We said it’s really not a data book, it’s more kind of a wisdom book.” –CG


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