The Quest For Perfect

We’ve all been there—still tinkering with a project that we probably should just have shipped. Days ago, weeks ago, months ago.

So how do you know when your “thing” is done? And when are you using the pursuit of perfection to procrastinate instead?

Jonathan and I talk through multiple examples, offering recommendations to punch through the fear and just ship.


– “If you want things to get better, you have to change something.”—JS
– “Your current clients aren’t going to your website.”—JS
– “Social media has made things both better and worse for perfectionists.”—RM
– “You have to start.”—RM
– “Press publish.”—JS
– “If your thing will make your audience better today than they were yesterday, you owe it to them to release it.”—RM
– “There’s only one way to learn how to screw up like a pro.”—JS
– “If your ideas don’t get aired, they can’t take flight.”—RM
– “If you want to be an authority, you have to put yourself out there.”—JS
– “Perfect is in the eye of the beholder.”—RM
– “You have to put your work out there if you want it to get better.”—JS

Links We Mentioned

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