The Path To Authority

The Path To Authority

This week we put some stakes in the ground around the differences between freelancers, experts and authorities.

We examine the habits and behaviors of each so you can answer this question: are you on the path to authority?

We cover the sometimes twisty journey between these three states and how to develop tools and practices to accelerate your pace: developing your consulting process, articulating and socializing a distinctive point of view and getting off the hamster wheel of trading time for money.


“If most of the time, you’re in your basement coding and you only talk to the client once a week, you’re not a consultant.” –JS

“On this particular line of the matrix, I think it’s about a really deep knowledge.” –RM

“It feels to me like the one-on-one consulting engagements that an authority would engage in would be less and less as their authority grew, because they could have a bigger impact doing something like a keynote presentation to 10,000 people.” –JS

“If you’re an authority with big corporates, you need to be seen.” –RM


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