The Economy: What To Do Now

How are you looking at the latest economic headlines—and thinking about whether/how they will impact your expertise business?

Jonathan and I have been fielding a few questions from clients, so we decided to dedicate an episode to considering the economy with your next moves:

Why it’s always a good idea to keep evaluating your client base and your product/service ladder—and what to consider now.

How to think about economy-fueled pivots to ensure you don’t make fear-based moves.

Managing your mindset (and your nerves) through economic change—and why staying closely connected to clients helps all of you.

One hidden opportunity to grow your authority (and potentially your business) during economic uncertainty.


“The kind of—almost advantage—of news about a recession or whatever is that you’ve got months potentially to plan for it.”—JS

“The strategic part of this is to really think about your client base and start to imagine what might happen to them in the future.”—RM

“If you’re experiencing any kind of like trepidation or nerves around the economy right now, guess what? Your clients probably are too.”—JS

“There sometimes needs to be a little air between checking in on clients to see how they’re doing and offering them a new product.”—RM

“I think that the key here is resisting the urge to go into your shell and batten down the hatches.”—JS

“If your client base is all saying the same thing (when you check in with them), you’re getting some themes to write about and speak about.”—RM

“It’s okay to be nervous, just don’t act on the nerves.”—JS

“It’s really important to manage your own mindset vs. letting the media do it for you.”—RM


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