The Authority Mindset

Being an authority isn’t just about becoming a top expert at your craft—it’s about developing the right mindset.

Being generous (think abundance vs. poverty mentality), consistently acting with confidence and courage and knowing when to say no are just for starters.

Tune in here as Jonathan and I describe the authority mindset, including how to develop a thick(er) skin and how everything in the end is content.


“I think the first rule is you want to help kindred spirits whenever you can.” –RM

“Lighting somebody else’s candle from yours – you’re not losing anything.” –JS

“I want to make it clear that adopting a service mentality does not mean that you become a doormat. To use the restaurant mentality – I’ve kicked plenty of people out of restaurants.” –JS

“I think as you get out more and more and your name becomes known and you build a thriving business there actually can be an uptick in your fear, because now you’re not just starting out wondering where the next dollar is coming from. Now it’s coming in nicely, and you don’t want to rock that boat.” –RM

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