The 5 in 5 Challenge with Joe Jacobi

Joe Jacobi and the 5 in 5 Challenge

Remember our 5 in 5 publishing challenge from late last year? The goal was for participants to publish one piece every day for five days—to jump-start a practice of regular publishing.

We were thrilled with the quality and consistency of the audio, video and written posts across the board, so it was tough to choose who would win an interview slot on the podcast.

Introducing Olympic gold medal winner and coach (and all around great guy) Joe Jacobi. Listen in as Jonathan and I talk with Joe about client transformations, the role of writing in building his brand and business—and the thrill of whitewater canoeing.


“I’m not scared of slow growth. In fact, I’m a big advocate of it.” –JJ

“What I liked about five in five the most, even more than connecting with people and seeing the content do well, is what you guys are advocating for in the daily communication: it helps you find your voice.” –JJ

“I think people enjoy when I find ways to take them into Catalonia or share Catalan values.” –JJ

“I want to be one of those people that really squeeze the orange dry.” –JJ

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