Staying Solo

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Staying Solo

Is staying solo the right choice for you? Yep, that’s where we’re going this week.

Because being “small” doesn’t mean you can’t also be mighty. Kind of like David vs. Goliath, you can use your size to your advantage.

Tune in as Jonathan and I navigate staying (successfully) solo: how to build alliances, the dangers of “whale” clients, the need to always be marketing and the joy of knowing how to say a very firm “no”.


“One of the advantages of staying small is that you can compete with those big players by going super, super specific.” –JS

“Those big firms are made up of individual people, and those individual people may refer you!” –RM

“Big firms bill by the hour, so… they like slow computers.” –JS

“Some would say ABS, always be selling, as opposed to always be closing, but I think you have to always be marketing.” –RM