Setting Up Your Ecosystem

Setting Up Your Ecosystem

This week, Jonathan and I tackled a listener question: What’s the best way to set-up a supportive technical ecosystem—website, email, podcast, billing, etc.—for the first time?

We addressed this question strategically and then offered some tactical feedback on various platforms and systems to support your authority business:

Why email is the centerpiece of your ecosystem (hint: it’s your relationship-building device).

Looking for perfection in your systems is a waste of time—find the ones that give you the functionality you need with a small amount of room to grow into it.

Deciding what you want your website to do—and letting that guide you to the right messaging, platforms and technology.

Why SEO rarely moves the needle when you’re selling expertise—and what to use instead.

The systems and software that support building trust and intimacy with podcasts and video.


“Of this list of things, I don’t think the website is the most important…in a heartbeat, I’d delete my website before I’d delete my email list.”—JS

“Your website is the strategic representation of you out in the world—so what do you want that to look like?”—RM

“Invent your own keywords instead of buying keywords people are already searching for.”—JS

“You don’t have to automate everything—you can start small and then move up…don’t let perfection be the enemy.”—RM


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