Selling Confidence

Selling Confidence

A few years ago, it hit me smack in the middle of a call: what I’m truly selling to clients isn’t my consulting, it’s actually confidence in the outcomes. Confidence that the positioning and strategy I develop for them will not only work, but shave months off the time it would take to do it themselves.

The same is true for many types of consulting, so Jonathan and I decided to devote an episode to selling confidence.

Listen in as we describe the role of trust in selling confidence, understanding what inspires both in your ideal audience and how to build your authority so they know you’re the right choice to help them.


“What I realized was that the people who bought me and my services for this were really buying confidence.” –RM

“Every thought that comes out of my brain, you can get for free on my mailing list.” –JS

“You’re not going to share things or be vulnerable with someone you don’t trust.” –RM

“If somebody needs that in-person experience to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth, they’re not a good fit.” –JS


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